Huawei is in a difficult time, but this has not stopped the company from releasing the latest version of its mobile software, EMUI 11. The Chinese telecommunications giant announced the news at the HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2020 conference held on September 10.

Since then, it has been releasing beta and stable versions for qualified devices worldwide. Today, within three months of the announcement, the company has reached a milestone.

According to EMUI’s official Weibo account, more than 10 million users have used EMUI 11 in less than three months since the release date.

Since the company did not mention whether this number only includes users of the stable version, we believe this is the sum of the total number of stable, closed Beta and open Beta users.

According to the official list of eligible devices, a total of 28 Huawei branded smartphones and tablets will receive the EMUI 11 update in China. For the global market, this number drops to 19. Some of these devices have undergone stable updates.

Having said that, if these 10 million or more devices also include HONOR devices running Magic UI 4.0 (this is just a branch of EMUI 11), we are still confused. This is because EMUI’s Weibo post is vague and has no detailed information.

Normally, Huawei’s smartphone and tablet user base also includes the HONOR number, because it was a sub-brand of the company until recently.

But now, because the brand has been sold to Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd., the number of EMUI 11 users shared by the Chinese technology giant may not have HONOR equipment.