POCO, a sub-brand of China-based Xiaomi, has been focusing on expanding its product lineup after a few months of silence. Looking to the future, the company is not limited to smartphones.

It seems that the company is about to launch its own laptop in the Indian market. According to the report, two battery models R15B02W and R14B02W have passed the BIS certification process, implying that they will be launched soon.

The battery models are from POCO and Xiaomi, which means that the upcoming POCO brand laptop is likely to be a renamed model of Redmi laptop.

We hope to get more details in the coming weeks. Xiaomi has launched its own notebook computer in the Indian market, but the Redmi brand notebook computer that has been launched in China has not yet made its debut in India. But now it seems that Redmi notebooks will be officially listed in India under the POCO brand.

Xiaomi Laptop

According to the company’s plan to expand its product portfolio in India and laptops, POCO is also expected to launch its own TWS headset. Given that POCO is positioned as a budget brand, upcoming products (laptops and TWS earplugs) may be overpriced.

The R15B02W battery appears to power the Xiaomi Pro 15.6-inch laptop launched in China. This may mean that the same device may be officially listed in India under the POCO brand, but it is only speculation at the moment.

To be sure, we will have to wait for the official release. It is worth noting that although POCO positions itself as an independent brand, the company still relies on Xiaomi to provide supply chain, manufacturing facilities and software.