Realme X7


The Chinese brand Realme launched India’s first 5G smartphone in the form of Realme X50 Pro in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, this phone happens to be the brand’s only 5G-enabled device in the country in the past few months. But now, the company’s Indian CEO has confirmed that more 5G smartphones will be released in 2021.

Last week, a popular Indian technology influencer claimed that Realme may launch its X7 series of 5G smartphones in India in December.

Then, early this week, MediaTek India’s managing director (Anku Jain) hinted at the launch of these devices. Now, Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has personally confirmed that the realme X7 series will be launched in 2021. In addition, he also revealed the brand’s plan to “democratize 5G technology in 2021”.

This means that Realme will launch more 5G smartphones in India next year instead of launching a mobile phone like this year.

In any case, users of these phones will not be able to use 5G because India does not have a 5G network. Most importantly, the government has not yet auctioned the spectrum of fifth-generation wireless networks.


Therefore, one might wonder why realme introduced 5G mobile phones to India. The answer is simple: Since India is one of the world’s three largest smartphone markets, the brand hopes to become a pioneer by preparing the market before 5G arrives.

Another reason is that since the beginning of 2020, almost all Chinese brands have only launched 5G smartphones in their home markets. This trend is expected to further strengthen in the next few quarters. Therefore, it is meaningless for the company to invest in the research and development of 4G mobile phones.