Samsung Led TV


Samsung Electronics has just launched new products aimed at enterprises and other commercial enterprises. This is the new 110-inch Micro LED TV announced earlier today (December 10, 2020).

The company announced this large new TV at an online event hosted using a webinar system, which is an interactive video conferencing solution for introducing new products.

In its most significant aspect, its display uses Micro LED technology, which is considered the next generation display. This is a true self-luminous TV.

By using micron (㎛) micro LEDs, structures such as backlights and color filters are eliminated, and the LEDs themselves emit light and colors.

Therefore, unlike ordinary TV monitors, Micro LED panel RGB is the only panel that can emit light and color by itself. In this way, you can experience natural colors and get a better viewing experience.

The 110-inch Micro LED TV is similar to The Wall previously launched by the Korean technology giant, which is also aimed at companies and is one of the company’s first displays to adopt Micro LED.

A notable feature of the TV is its “four-view (4Vue)” function, which allows users to divide the 110-inch display into four 50-inch screens.

In addition, the new Samsung TV has a 4K resolution, has more than 8 million micro LED elements, and measures only 3.3 square meters.

The MICRO AI processor of the company’s semiconductor division can help TVs achieve first-class image quality even through the micro LED standard.

The processor is a dedicated chip that combines self-luminous characteristics and a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm.

The algorithm is based on the quantum processor technology applied to QLED 8K TVs, which can provide nearly perfect true color reproduction.

The 110-inch Samsung Micro LED TV has audio capabilities that can play “Arena Sound”, providing a clear, immersive audio experience without using external speakers.

Samsung Led TV

It supports 5.1-channel sound paired with OTS Pro technology (object tracking sound), which can make the speaker move with the movement of the subject in front of the TV.

It follows the minimalist “overall design”, and the borders on both sides of the TV are negligible, thus providing a complete display body on the front.