Samsung has announced that they are rolling out a new upgrade premium plan known as the Samsung Access via their Official Blog

The premium upgrade Plan will be available for users in the US who purchases any of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Series.

The new Samsung Access Upgrade has some benefits over the Legacy Upgrade Program which includes a Premium Care membership, and a premium Microsoft 365 subscription, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Skype, along with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. Another big difference between the new Access plan and the legacy upgrade plan: if you already have a Samsung device, you can’t trade it in to join the new Access plan. The standard upgrade plan allows you to trade in an existing device and put any remaining balance toward a new one.

A three month subscription to Samsung Access which is the minimum will cost $37 per month for the S20, $42 per month for the S20 Plus, and $48 per month for the S20 Ultra.

Subscribers can upgrade their devices every nine months, or earlier for $100. There’s also the option to cancel the plan entirely after three months, or earlier for a $100 fee (although you’ll have to return the phone, of course).