Samsung Accessories


Samsung has confirmed that many more of it smartphone brands will launch with out charger and earphones from now henceforth. Launching smartphones without chargers was first started by Apple when they launched the IPhone 12 with out charger in the box, since then a lot of companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung has followed suit.

Hopefully the action may not quench the impact of the important news that the S Pen has been introduced to the S Series. There would be no chargers in the following retail packs of Samsung’s latest flagship models: the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra.

In addition, there are many indications that the observed changes to the charger will be extended to other Galaxy models. It would seem that the tech giant has decided to ditch the charger in upcoming smartphone releases in the coming weeks and months.

Already last year, there were several speculations and predictions that Samsung could go into the current line of action after Apple made a similar decision last year to abandon chargers or headphones from packaging for some of its products. At the time, several tipsters predicted that Samsung might follow suit, making a similar decision to Apple.

In a statement released to the public earlier this week, a spokesperson for the company, TM Roh, almost confirmed that the company is indeed gradually removing the charger and headset from its smartphone packaging.

The action may also be related to the fact that Samsung will launch several fast wireless chargers within a few weeks. Although the charger is a very important accessory that should be part of the package, on the other hand, the headset is an additional bonus that can be easily omitted.

For now, Samsung’s lovers will have to purchase a charger and headphones separately every time they buy a new smartphone this year.