Apple And Samsung


Apple has announced its new M1 chipset as part of Apple Silicon, and has therefore officially begun the process of transitioning from Intel to a dedicated chipset for Mac devices. This also seems to help Samsung Electronics.

According to a report by BusinessKorea, South Korean giant Samsung Electronics is likely to become the manufacturer of the M1 chipset. If this turns out to be true, then Samsung will produce chipsets for Apple in about five years.


Currently, the M1 chip is manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). But because it is difficult for the company to meet the demand for short-term orders, Apple can transfer some of the orders to Samsung.

It is worth noting that the newly launched M1 chipset is manufactured using a 5nm process, and TSMC and Samsung are currently the only two companies in the world that have the ability to manufacture 5nm chips.

The M1 chip is assembled with a staggering 16 billion transistors, which is much higher than the 11.8 billion transistors used by the A14 Bionic of the iPhone 12. The CPU core adopts an eight-core layout, which includes four high-performance cores for heavy work and four high-efficiency cores for low-priority tasks.

It also has dedicated circuits for graphics and artificial intelligence processing. The memory chip is also located in the same chip package with the processor, which will increase speed.

The company claims that Apple Silicon’s M1 chipset supports Mac devices three and a half times faster than previous Intel-based models. According to Apple, the graphics speed is also five times faster.