Galaxy S21 Series


When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, many manufacturers laughed at the Cupertino-based company and then took action and removed the connector from their phone. This year, Apple decided not to release a new iPhone with a charger, and was ridiculed by other manufacturers, including Samsung. Now, there is evidence that the Korean giant will not include a charger in the box of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

There are reports that Samsung will not provide chargers for flagship phones in 2021 after the news that Apple has begun the trend with iPhone 12.

Although it has not been confirmed, Samsung has not seen itself mocking Apple on Facebook for not including the charger in the box. The post, which has now been deleted, suggests that Samsung may shamelessly do what it blames Apple.

The proof that the Galaxy S21 series does not come with a charger comes from the ANATEL (Brazil equivalent of the FCC in the United States) certification, which shows that the three phones do not come with a charger and headset. The news was first reported by Tecnoblog.


The translation of the certification document (shown in the picture above) says: “Mobile phones will be sold without power supply”, but added that these devices have been tested with two Samsung chargers EP-TA800 and EP-TA800B.

It also said that the mobile phone will not be sold with the headset, but three models of headsets are GH59-15106A, GH59-15107A and GH59-15403A for testing.

However, considering that Brazil is forcing Apple to include chargers in the iPhone 12 models sold locally, at least buyers of the Galaxy S21 series in Brazil have the opportunity to obtain chargers and headphones. So while you won’t find one in the box, you should get one if you need it.

Next year, Samsung will definitely not be the only mobile phone that does not include a charger in the mobile phone box. You can be sure that, at least on flagship phones, many other manufacturers will follow suit until they become standard.