These days, there are multiple ways to unlock the phone. There are fingerprint scanner, face unlock, PIN, password and good old pattern unlock. Although voice unlocking is not common, Galaxy S21 series may bring it back.

Samsung provided this feature for some phones through Bixby in the past, but later removed it. It is now reported that the Galaxy S21 series will resume this function when it arrives next year.

According to SamMobile, this feature will be added back to One UI 3.1, which will make its debut on the Galaxy S21 series.

The previous version allowed users to unlock the device by saying “Hi Bixby”, so when it might appear again next year, users will be able to unlock the phone in the same way.

Bixby Voice Unlock

The official Samsung support page shows that the function is still supported. It is completely safe. You can use the “Hi Bixby” voice command to unlock the phone, but considering the more advanced biometric functions (such as facial recognition code and fingerprint), the function is still Unlocking with reservations can be fooled.

However, in situations where you cannot operate your phone with your hands or unlock your phone with your face, the option to unlock your phone with voice will come in handy.