Qualcomm was the first chip manufacturer to introduce support for updateable GPU drivers through Snapdragon 865. A few months later, ARM also announced its support. In other words, Xiaomi became an OEM that released an application earlier this year to update the GPU driver on its device. The company is followed by OPPO and vivo. Now, Samsung has also joined this trend through its new GameDriver app.

Smart phones are the gateway to the Internet in many developing countries. They are also people’s first computers and gaming devices.

Therefore, with the introduction of more affordable smartphones, the growth rate of the smartphone gaming industry is higher than ever.

As a result, a new type of mobile phone called a gaming smartphone appeared. Even companies have begun to promote games on their devices, whether it’s advanced or cheap devices.

As this industry develops, chip manufacturers have added support for updateable GPU drivers, just like on PCs.

Therefore, through appropriate applications, OEMs can provide GPU driver updates without relying on system updates. This also allows them to solve problems quickly.

Back to Samsung, the South Korean tech giant referred to its GPU updater app GameDriver as “Galaxy DriveD” as part of the company’s Galaxy GameDev program.

There are two variants of this application, one for ARM Mali GPU (Mobile phones powered by Exynos) and the other for Qualcomm Adreno GPU (Mobile phones powered by Snapdragon). Both can be used on the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Currently, these applications are only available for the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Note20 series. Moreover, they only support the following games-Call of Duty: Mobile, Black Desert and Fortnite.

Having said that, since Samsung has established partnerships with more than 50 game studios, publishers, tool developers, game engine companies, and GPU suppliers, we can expect more mobile phones and Game support will be expanded.