Galaxy Z Fold 2


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the successor to the company’s first foldable smartphone. It was launched earlier this year, and now the company has announced a new Galaxy Z Fold 2 limited edition series, which will soon be available to its customers in Vietnam.

According to a report by SamMobile, the new spring 2021 limited edition series will not be sold with the vase Galaxy Z Fold 2 variant. Obviously, the success of foldable smartphones in the region surprised the South Korean technology giant.

Therefore, Samsung decided not only to replenish inventory, but also to make the new batch special. The official name of the device is Galaxy Z Fold 2 Limited Edition Series-Spring 2021, which is basically the same as the regular version, but its retail box comes with many offers and incentives.

After researching these special products, Vietnamese customers will get the Galaxy Z Elite Privilege card, which was previously only available to customers who have placed orders in the country.

Galaxy Z

The card is valid until September 25, 2021, and will enable cardholders to enjoy some benefits, such as a discount of up to 35% on non-foldable Galaxy phones and up to 45 on consumer electronics (excluding 8K TVs) %the discount of.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 limited edition series also comes with a premium leather case, Samsung Care + extended warranty, and even allows users to choose the color of the hinge.

All of these will be stored in a special edition retail box decorated with lotus flowers. For those who don’t know, the lotus is the national flower of Vietnam and is considered a symbol of purity, dedication, etc. The device will be available for pre-order from the company’s official Vietnam website from January 7.