Canalys released some reports showing the performance of major smartphone manufacturers in the European market.

Of particular interest is Huawei’s performance. After the United States closed the North American market, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has shifted its focus to Europe.

However, the recent ban on the company’s use of Google Services seems to continue to cause losses, as the report shows that although Huawei remains fourth in the European market ranking, its annual growth has fallen by 31%.

Although Samsung has maintained an annual growth rate of 3%, it still maintains its market leading position. According to the report, the South Korean technology giant has a 34% share of the European smartphone market.

The US technology giant Apple ranked second with a 19% market share in the third quarter of 2020. Xiaomi ranks third with an estimated market share of 19%, the same as Apple.

Canalys reports that Xiaomi’s market share is growing at an astonishing 91% annual growth rate.

Europe market share

However, the biggest increase recorded in the report is OPPO’s entry into the top five European smartphones, with a 3% market share. For Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, this performance represents an annual growth of 396%.

In Western Europe, the chart remains basically unchanged from the entire European market, but most of OPPO’s sales seem to come from Western Europe, where the market’s annual growth rate is 942%.

Western Europe market share

However, Xiaomi has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in Spain with a market share of 34%.

Samsung ranked second with a market share of 26%, while Huawei ranked third with a market share of 15%.

OPPO jumped to fourth place with 8% market share, while Apple fell to fifth place with 7% market share.

Spain market share

Apple’s market share is expected to rebound after the iPhone 12 is released in the fourth quarter.