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Snapchat is testing new feature that will let users add music to videos they record. The feature is currently rolling out to some Snapchat users in select countries. Addition of music to videos has been one of TikTok’s main features and Snap’s latest update is sort of aimed to take on that.

Snapchat will let its users add popular songs on videos. Users will be provided with a list of recommended songs to add in a new section called “Featured Sounds” as shown in the image below.

Available songs at launch will include songs from various labels, such as Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Publishing Group.

The feature is designed to help Snap users share music with “real friends,” says the company.

With this new TikTok feature that Snapchat is rolling out on it platform it seems the company has joined league of instant messaging companies trying to replace TikTok following it ban by some countries.

Since the ban of TikTok by India and US also planning to ban the app a lot of companies have been trying to take over the app market. Snapchat already rolled out a similar navigation of TikTok on their platform. Also Facebook has already launched a TikTok look a like app App in India following the ban of TikTok by the India government.