Sony Drone


Drone technology has become very popular recently, and it allows us to access previously invisible images. There is no doubt that the emergence of commercial drones revolves around the development of aerial photography technology.

Sony, a well-known brand in the field of camera technology, realized this and launched its first drone project, the Airpeak project.

The project is Sony’s contribution to the field of camera drones, and it can be expected that the project will be based on the company’s expertise in imaging and sensing and “3R” technology (real-time, real-time and remote).

The press release announcing the launch of the project details the project, which is aimed at entertainment and “various” other industries.

It also confirms that it is for professional use and not consumer products. We can see the deployment in the entertainment industry, as well as the efficiency improvements and savings in various industries.

Sony said that Airpeak will also promote the development of the project to achieve the highest safety and reliability of drone use in environments that were difficult to solve in the past.

Sony did not explicitly disclose whether it will launch its own drones or provide drone manufacturers with camera and sensor modules.

However, the various use cases envisioned by the company point to the company releasing its own custom drones. In addition, the released video trailer also pointed to the brand’s release of a drone that was compromised due to its powerful camera technology.

In the near future, we will see more details on the Airpeak website, but the project is scheduled to start in the spring of 2021.

Sony filed a patent for a foldable drone in January this year, which provides credibility to the company’s expectations of releasing its own drone.

The patented design is somewhat unusual. It includes duct fans mounted on pillars so that they can be rotated into the drone’s fuselage for transportation and can be easily deployed before flight.

We hope that more details will appear on the dedicated Airpeak website in the coming days.