Sony’s next-generation console PS5 will provide a custom 825 GB SSD with the box. Out of 825GB, only 667GB can be used for game storage. This is because Sony will only allow PS5 owners to add more storage space later in the upcoming software update. The company told the Verge  SSD extension “has been reserved for future updates.”

Sony’s custom 825GB SSD has a read speed of 5.5GB/s, and the company has not yet listed a third-party SSD compatible with the console. Because not all M.2 SSDs are fast enough to fit the hardware requirements of PS5.

The SSD must also be small enough to fit the SSD bay of the console, and it must also be compatible with Sony’s I/O controller.

During the release of the PS5 specification, PlayStation hardware architect Mark Cerny said that third-party SSDs should transfer at least 5.5GB per second via PCI Gen 4 connections.

Sony’s requirements mean that not all M.2 SSDs with PCI Gen 4 connections will be compatible with PS5.

Therefore, before splurge on M.2 SSD, you should wait for Sony to release its compatible PS5 SSD list.

Otherwise, if you just want to play PS4 games on PS5, go ahead and buy any external HDD or SSD and plug it in through an available USB port-it will work fine.