Spotify, currently the top music streaming service globally, has added a new search by lyric functionality on both Android and iOS.

It’s not entirely new functionality, though, at least in the music streaming world. Apple Music users have had it since 2018 in iOS 12, but expansion to the world’s largest music streaming platforms means that its available to many more streamers around the globe.

This new feature will help spotify users to search for songs that they know their lyrics but don’t know the song title and artist.

Searching song titles by lyrics is pretty simple just type that line you can’t get off your mind, and Spotify will present to you matching songs.

Discovering the song title and artist has gotten much easier in the recent past thanks to platforms like Apple’s Shazam and the variety of lyrics websites available on the web.

Search by lyrics is the latest major update to hit Spotify after adding real-time lyrics in partnership with Musixmatch in June this year. Both the real-time lyrics and search by lyrics have been available on Apple Music for some time now.

Spotify is making strides to strengthen its features to catch up on Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music, and other streaming services. In June, Apple Music halved the subscription price for Kenyan subscribers, further sweetening the deal with six months of free music streaming for newcomers.

Unlike Apple Music, Spotify is only available in a handful of African countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and Tunisia