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Huawei’s dilemma is far from over, but the Chinese technology giant may have found an unusual ally among Ericsson’s chief executives, one of its main competitors in the network and telecommunications business.

Borje Ekholm, a senior executive of the Swedish company, opposed the country’s Huawei ban. In an interview with the British “Financial Times”, he said that this decision will harm competition.

To quote him: “I belong to the category that thinks that competition will make us grow in the long-term and become a better company. It may be painful in the short term, but in the long term, it will drive us to be more innovative.

And to provide customers with better products.” Sweden announced a Huawei ban last month after receiving advice from its armed forces and security forces. Explain that the reason is attributable to the “extensive intelligence collection and technology theft” of Chinese companies.

The ban means that Swedish operators cannot use Huawei (and ZTE) technology and products for their 5G networks. It can also phase out Huawei and ZTE technologies from the existing infrastructure before 2025.

Huawei is appealing the ban, which is said to have led to the postponement of Sweden’s 5G spectrum originally scheduled for November. Ericsson’s CEO also revealed that although they are the biggest competitors, it has already cooperated with Huawei on industry standards.

The British “Financial Times” report also said that Ericsson may be protecting Huawei’s business in its home country China, which has won several deals.

Mr. Ekholm also warned that the focus should be to roll out 5G coverage as soon as possible, so that Europe will not have to catch up with China and the United States to roll out as in the case of 4G.

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