Since the United States imposed restrictions on Huawei, the Chinese giant has been struggling to enter the 5G communications market in many countries, and the country that recently banned Huawei is Sweden.

After being excluded from the 5G network, Huawei filed a lawsuit against the Swedish telecom regulator PTS. In order to relieve the Chinese company, the court has issued a ruling to suspend the ruling.

According to a Reuters report, certain decisions made by PTS before the upcoming 5G auction will not apply until further notice, which will allow Huawei to participate in the 5G spectrum auction in Sweden.

After the court’s decision, the authorities have stopped the auction, which will benefit Nokia and Ericsson. PTS now plans to review the possibility of initiating the process as soon as possible while Huawei is trying to talk to them to become a certified supplier.

For those who don’t know, for security reasons, Sweden bans Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE from participating in the upcoming 5G auction. In addition, PTS also requires companies participating in the auction to remove Huawei and ZTE from the central functional departments before January 1, 2025.

After the United States banned Huawei from building telecommunications networks in the country, it also pressured other countries to follow the ban. Several countries have succumbed to pressure, including Britain banning the Chinese giant and ordering companies to replace all Huawei equipment in the country’s infrastructure by 2027.