Xiaomi Adapter


When Xiaomi officially launched the Mi 11 flagship series on December 28, the arrival of fashion brought glitz and charm. This premium flagship was a little dissatisfied with the release of the device without a charging adapter.

Xiaomi made this decision only two months after Apple announced the release of the iPhone 12 series without a charging adapter in a small retail box.

What surprised Xiaomi’s decision was that they had mocked Apple along with Samsung and OnePlus for removing the iPhone 12 adapter.

Lei Jun

Considering that most buyers still need to purchase fast charging adapters separately, this decision still continues to cause fierce debate among Xiaomi fans, many of whom question the significance of this decision.

When Mi 11 went on sale on January 1, only 20,000 people bought the “green version” without the adapter. In addition, a poll conducted by Gizmochina shows that most respondents think that removing it was a bad idea.

Xiaomi Mi 11

A large number of people who have expressed their views on this issue think that Xiaomi is just imitating Apple. Well, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun came out to debunk these concepts. The CEO recently hinted in a live broadcast that the idea of not including the charger was proposed by him, not a copy made by Apple.

He said that he proposed this idea in 2015. Indeed, Lei Jun did raise a big question on Weibo in order to collect users’ opinions on the matter. This story was reported by multiple blogs including GSMArena.

He also added that when the company moved to Xiaomi’s Beijing Park last year, it threw away several boxes of chargers. Therefore, he once again proposed the idea of implementation, that is, remove the adapter from the retail box and have the option to purchase it separately.

In short, Xiaomi’s decision is to implement an idea conceived five years ago. However, this cannot in any way eliminate the fact that the move to implement the idea may have been affected by Apple.