Buying a good smart phone that would serve our purposes is always every one’s priorities while purchasing a smart phone notwithstanding the price.

Today in this article we evaluate three most important specifications to consider when buying a smartphone

1.BATTER LIFE. This should be number one of the things to consider when buying a smartphone.
Smart phone with good and strong battery life lasts longer and saves you the stress of of always charging or your phone running down frequently.


The next thing to consider is the memory capacity and CPU processor of the phone.

The Memory of every phone is divided into two we have the ROM ( Read Only Memory), this serves as the permanent storage space of the phone where your files such as Apps, Videos, Musics, Photos etc are saved permanently.
NOTE: That the ROM of some smart phones can be upgraded using an external memory card while others can not.

The next memory is the RAM (Random Access Memory) Also known as the temporary memory, this determines the amount of tasks your phone can perform at a time.

Consider choosing a smart phone with decent memory storage both the ROM and RAM.

Also the CPU of a Smartphone is very important, this is because it controls all the activities of the phone.
Phones with Less CPU capacity tends to get heated quickly, hangs easily and does not support strong apps.

3.NETWORK AND CONNECTIVITY Also check the network speed does the phone support 3G and 4G or it only 3G. Mind phones who supports 3G are faster than phones who support 3G only.
Finally check the connectivity of the phone, does it support Bluetooth, Wifi, Cast and other criteria that allows for easy connections between other devices and files sharing.