Twitter has acquired the video chat application Squad, and the company seems to be planning the application’s group video chat feature as a new feature of Twitter.

The Squad app allows users to share their screens in mobile and desktop settings in group video chat mode. A report from TechCrunch stated that the app has been shut down by Twitter because it seems to have begun to interface in earnest.

Ilya Brown of the Twitter product team started a process of continuous development by sharing news in a tweet a few days ago.

Brown expressed his pleasure to have the opportunity to share the information that the Squad team will join Twitter, so as to provide people with new ways to interact and express themselves, and participate in public conversations.

Brown further pointed out in the tweet that interactive audio and video chat is a very important requirement in the future direction of the application and is consistent with the type of conversation that Twitter hopes to introduce.

Brown provided hints that similar features will soon be available on Twitter, so the Squad app is expected to be deactivated almost immediately. The Squad app was subsequently closed on December 12.

Group video chat is certainly not the first new feature to change the way users interact with each other on Twitter. The social media giant launched the fleet feature in November 2020, which allows users to express their ideas using temporary templates similar to stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

Twitter account holders can view the number of people viewing their fleet and can also reply to individual fleets via direct messages.

Twitter’s fleet function follows Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and some other functions that already have a story function in its platform.

Twitter also announced that stickers and live broadcasts will become an integral part of the fleet.