Twitter has just released a new interface on its direct messages feature on the web. The new DM interface lets you “Slide into those DMs without clicking endlessly from your course of events.” For long, going to the DM segments implied that your floated away from the timetable.

The new interface replaces that with a gliding window for messages, same as what Facebook and LinkedIn have finished with their inbox areas on the web. Its moving now on web, as per a tweet from the organization.

The new feature is conceivable as Twitter has been abandoned on how it handles DMs contrasted with its companion, Facebook.

The announcement was made barely few hours before the massive hack that affected major verified accounts on the platform. Several high profile accounts were affected including that of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and even that of former US President Barrack Obama and host of others.