Origin OS


Recently, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo confirmed that the company is developing a new mobile operating system called OriginOS, which will replace the existing FunTouch OS custom user interface.

Today, the company has confirmed that OriginOS will launch on November 18. To this end, Vivo is holding a special event in Shenzhen, China. It is said that the new system has an anthropomorphic design and aims to provide users with a new experience.

In the previous trailer of the upcoming operating system, there was news that the company that developed the project under Origin Studio carried the slogan “Brave New World”, which also confirmed the complete restoration of the user interface.

Previous reports show that the company will provide users with two different types of interfaces-OriginOS and Stock Android. Interestingly, users will be able to choose and switch between the two options.

With the release of a new mobile operating system based on Android, Vivo is expected to announce several other products at the 2020 Developers Conference, including new applications, games, business partnerships, etc.

The company has previously stated that the upcoming custom user interface will also apply to Vivo’s existing smartphones. In order to determine which devices will be compatible with OriginOS, we must wait for the official release.