Vivo officially released its new UI called OriginOS. The new skin has been completely remodeled from the ground up, making it completely different from FuntouchOS. Vivo aims to create a new digital world through OriginOS. We will introduce some features of the new custom ROM

OriginOS promises a number of performance enhancements. Vivo said that from the home screen to the wallpaper, from the picture to the game board, it has improved the overall mobile phone experience.

Almost all functions have been upgraded. It is said that the overall experience is smooth, convenient and safe. On the main screen, OriginOS has introduced a new desktop grid system, bringing Huarong Grid.


It can flexibly and freely display the charm of each element on the desktop, and you can create various imaginative layout combinations through each basic unit.

On the wallpaper, OriginOS comes with performance wallpaper, which is officially called performance wallpaper.

Vivo engineers condensed the blooming process of flowers to only a few seconds, making the scenery that is usually scattered in the rush of time unusual and vibrant.


Message notifications have also been improved, because OriginOS brings atomic notifications, which can extract key information and can always tell you what you care about at the right time.

It covers typical life scenarios and sends reminders in an elegant way so as not to disturb users and avoid losing messages.

In terms of operation, OriginOS comes with brand new navigation gestures. Since the gestures are easy to understand, there is no need to read a complicated guide.

OriginOS provides 26 navigation combinations, which can be completed by simply clicking and operating, almost covering the mainstream operating methods.


In addition, OriginOS also provides an atomic component library, which carefully summarizes all atomic components and provides a variety of simple and convenient methods to retrieve them.

In addition, dragging icons from the component library and placing them in the application program interface can quickly generate small windows to meet the needs of multitasking operations.

The weather widget will also be updated to optimize the weather information display form. It also displays temperature information intuitively. Using a temperature color card with 90 color values, you can perceive changes in heat and cold at a glance.

In addition, OriginOS has brought a brand new Super Card Pack. No matter the phone is in the off-screen state or the interface has been navigated away from the main screen, you can call the card package with one swipe.

At the same time, the card package can customize the payment types that can be displayed.

For core system optimization, OriginOS supports the latest Multi-Turbo 5.0, which brings three new technologies-memory fusion, process optimization and application preloading.

In terms of memory integration, Vivo innovatively integrates RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization. Part of the free ROM space can be called to undertake the function of RAM operation, which greatly improves the experience in the background multi-application scenario.

In this way, more applications can be opened and run without freezing the phone.

Specifically, on a mobile phone with 8GB RAM + 128GB storage space, the experience is equivalent to the experience when the storage capacity is equal to 11GB, while on a mobile phone with 12GB + 256GB space, the experience is equivalent to 15GB of RAM, which greatly increases The availability of equivalent memory.

The second technical process optimization is the in-depth control and optimization of the system resident process, which can reduce the memory usage of 100-200MB system operation.

It also reduces system concurrency conflicts, increases concurrency capacity by 20%, and creates more space for mobile application operations.

The third point is application preloading. Through the application of pre-loading technology, users can intelligently pre-load the application to be opened, thereby greatly reducing the startup time of the application.

This in turn increased the opening speed of applications and reduced cold starts by 40%. In addition, in terms of photography, games and parallel worlds, Vivo’s OriginOS also brings many new features. See more of these features from the picture below.