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Vivo has just applied for a patent for a new smartphone. The patent describes a unique smartphone that has a super zoom lens that can achieve impressive magnification and is installed in a pop-up mechanism.

According to a report by LetsGoDigital, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer submitted this patent to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) under the title “Camera Module, Electronic Equipment and Camera Module Control Method”. According to the description of the patent, modern smartphones only support “low zoom. However, Vivo’s latest technology will enable its phones to provide “high zoom.” In short, the brand has obtained a patent for a new camera technology. A zoom magnification with a significant range will be provided.

As of now, the company has provided some smartphone models with a zoom lens on the back. This includes products like Vivo X30 Pro, which are equipped with two telephoto lenses that support 2x and 5x magnification. It is worth noting that the LetsGoDigital report also provides a rendering of a patented device that will house a super zoom pop-up camera made by the graphic design Technizo Concept . The most prominent aspect of this super zoom camera module is its unique pop-up mechanism.

Multiple lenses are installed in a single module, extended outwards and folded into the base. In other words, it is designed like a pyramid, the top lens has the smallest surface area, and the bottom is equipped with the sensor and all other lenses next to it. From the patent point of view, there are a total of four lenses, and additional lenses will pop up according to the user’s magnification requirements.

In addition, these lenses can also overlap to achieve a longer zoom range. Although the patent does not disclose the number of optical zooms, it does indicate that it will be much more powerful than current smartphones with zoom lenses.

Ezegbunam Chinonso Benjamin is a tech enthusiasts with Love for Smartphones, Laptops, Computers, Cars etc. He is currently an under graduate of University Of Jos.

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