Funtouch OS 11


Chinese smartphone manufacturers are known for slowly updating their devices to the latest version of Android. However, this argument has begun to change the tide in the past few years.

A large number of thick-skin phones from Xiaomi (MIUI) and OPPO (ColorOS) are already in use on Android 11. Unfortunately, this cannot be said to be a vivo product, because the OEM has shared the list of qualified phones and the launch schedule of Funtouch OS 11.

In case you forget, in November, vivo announced OriginOS as its new operating system for smartphones. The company is currently conducting a public Beta program in its home country, China. But for India, its equipment will be upgraded to Funtouch OS 11 based on Android 11.

We believe that other regions should do the same.

In any case, OriginOS is aimed at high-end smartphones, basically it is Funtouch OS 11 with additional UI elements.

Since vivo is known for its mid-range and cheap phones, it makes sense for the company to provide a lightweight OS to get a better experience on lower hardware.


The following is a list of eligible mobile phones that apply to Funtouch OS 11 in India and their update release schedule:

  • Mid-December 2020
    • vivo X50 Pro
  • End of January 2021
    • vivo X50
    • vivo V19
  • End of March 2021
    • vivo V17 Pro
    • vivo V17
    • vivo V15 Pro
    • vivo S1
  • End of April 2021
    • vivo S1 Pro
    • vivo Z1Pro
    • vivo Z1x
  • End of June 2021
    • vivo V15

Not surprisingly, the list contains only a few phones. In addition to these phones, the vivo V20 Pro 5G has received an update, and the vivo V20 uses Funtouchh OS 11 based on Android 11 for the first time.

That being said, it is worth noting that the above schedule applies to the Beta version. Therefore, the actual stable version of these devices will take more time.