Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo plans to increase its local production capacity in India to around 40% by next year. This will greatly increase its current procurement volume (approximately 15%).

Nipun Marya, Director of Brand Strategy for Vivo India, said: “Continuing to fulfill our commitment to manufacturing in India, Vivo will produce all V20 SE devices at the Greater Noida plant with nearly 10,000 employees.

The company’s annual production capacity is close to 33 million mobile phones. In All phones sold in India are made in India.”

At present, Vivo accounts for 28% of the market share in terms of Indian sales, which also makes it the largest brand among the major retail brands in India.

Therefore, in the long run, the move to increase local procurement seems only to be more logical and beneficial to the company.

The senior executive further added that Tamil Nadu is one of the main markets in the region, accounting for 7% of the total sales of smartphones in India and also contributing 8% of the company’s total revenue.

The announcement was made at the same time as the launch of the Vivo V20 SE in the state, where the company has more than 4,000 retailers and 25 specialty stores.

Vivo is expected to develop further in the market and has already “won a huge response from customers because of our customer-centric innovation in design and camera.”