Funtouch OS


Vivo is about to replace its custom Funtouch OS Android skin with a new and improved version called Origin OS. Origin OS will also be based on Android, and will be officially launched two weeks from now (that is, November 19).

The conference will be held at the company’s proprietary developer conference called Vivo Developer Conference, VDC 2020.

The Chinese company has considered in the past to rename its custom UI to Jovi OS, which will be released with the X30 series in December 2019. The company later cancelled these plans in early December and started to release a new version of Funtouch OS-version 10.

The custom UI takes a different approach to some common functions in many Android appearances. Out of the box, you will be misled by certain operations.

Therefore, if you are not familiar with vivo’s Funtouch custom Android skin, it may take some time to master it. For example, swiping down will only show you the notification panel. To access the quick settings panel, you need to swipe up instead of down like most custom user interfaces and original Android.

For its part, it’s nice to see Vivo make attempts to improve its custom UI. At the time of writing, the company has not provided any points of the major changes we should see.

So stay tuned, we will know all this information and any other exciting new details stored by the company before the 19th.