A new bug which makes Android Phone to crash when some certain pictures are used as wallpaper has been discovered.

The issue over the weekend gained massive attention over the weekend and has been verified by 9to5google and Android Authority .

Ice Universe also confirmed it in a tweet by uploading the picture and noting that Samsung Phones are the most affected, but other varieties of Android phones are also said to be affected.

Setting the photo as your wallpaper on affected Phones causes your handset’s screen to immediately start turning on and off, making it unusable.

Android Authority says it eventually had to factory reset its device to get things back to normal, while 9to5google reports that you can reset your phone into safe mode and delete the picture in order to fix the issue.

According to Android Authority the bug is not universal and does not affect all Android Phones.

According to a tweet thread posted by Dylan Roussel who is a contributor at 9to5google, the issue may be caused when certain phones don’t support the color space used by the image. According to Roussel, the image uses the RGB color space, while many Android phones prefer SRGB.