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If you are a business owner, you can create a WhatsApp business account that has other features not available in standard accounts.

One of the features you get is the ability to create a catalog of goods to be sold. Now, the newly added features make it easier for customers to quickly view your catalog.

Previously, users had to click the contact name at the top of the chat or the overflow button of “View Contact” before accessing the directory. Now the developer has added a shopping button next to the call button, which will take you directly to the list of items for sale.

This addition reduces the number of taps that users make before accessing the catalog.

This feature has been widely promoted, if you don’t see it on your phone when interacting with a business account with a catalog, you should go to the app store and update your app.

In the past few months, WhatsApp has added many new features to ordinary users and business owners.

Some of them include QR codes to make it easier to add new contacts or chat with the company; directory sharing; animated stickers; the ability to expand videos in group video calls; more advanced searches that allow you to filter search results; and new Storage management tools.