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In terms of features, WhatsApp may lag far behind Telegram, but the messaging app has recently acquired a series of new features. If you are a Beta tester, the disappearing message and the new advanced wallpaper settings (which allow you to dim the wallpaper and choose a custom wallpaper for each chat) should already be enabled for you.

The good news is that more interesting features are coming soon. Some people have found evidence that WhatsApp is using a new feature that allows you to mute the video before sending it to a contact or your status.

The screenshot below allows us to see how the feature works as early as possible, and the result shows that there is now a speaker icon next to the duration and file size details on the left side of the screen.

WhatsApp mute

People can tap it to mute the audio of the video that is shared with the contact or keeps its status. This feature is still under development and cannot be used even by beta testers. Nevertheless, we hope it will arrive before the end of this year.

Another feature that has been discovered is under development, and one feature that many users will like is “read later.” This feature takes archived chat to another level, and it is reported that it can replace it (archived chat). As you can see in the image below, it says that the archive can now be read later.

WhatsApp archive

When you have a conversation under “Read Later”, you will not receive new notifications from the chat. The description in the picture says that users will not receive notifications from chat messages under “Read Later”.

There is also an edit menu under “Read Later” that allows users to select multiple chats and delete them from the archive at the same time.

The settings menu also allows you to choose whether to save the received media to the gallery, backup chats under the category, and automatically unarchive the archive when new messages are received.