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WhatsApp has been working on a new storage management feature, but it has finally arrived. The latest video posted by WhatsApp on YouTube shows how the redesigned storage management tool can make deleting media files easier.

You will see on a simplified page how much storage space the WhatsApp account has established over time. The new storage management tool can also display how many media files have been forwarded in the new “number of forwarding” category.

Files larger than 5MB will be placed in their own category, and you can see the storage space occupied by the chats between yourself and the most frequently appearing friends.

On the delete page, you can select all media files to erase all content or only part of them. It works as follows:

You will find a new storage management tool under “Settings”> “Storage and Data”> “Manage Storage”. Compared with the current “Storage Usage” tool, it has been greatly improved. The tool lists the chat history and the amount of storage occupied by each storage once you click, you can summarize the text, contact, location , The number of photos, stickers, GIFs, videos, audio messages and documents in the selected chat.

Facebook said that this new feature will be made available to all WhatsApp users worldwide this week. Therefore, if you have not received the tool, please wait a few more days.