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WhatsApp is introducing the “Disappearing Messages” option, which will delete the chat history on the phone of the sender and recipient after 7 days.

This is an app owned by Facebook, with 2 billion users worldwide, and he said this setting will help keep chats private. But it says that recipients can still take screenshots or forward any messages, photos or videos they want to keep.

This option will be shown to WhatsApp users at the end of November.

The company stated in its blog that messages can be set to expire in 7 days to “make you rest assured that the conversation is not permanent, while maintaining usefulness, so you don’t forget what you are talking about.”

In April 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) promised to make several changes to the social network to provide users with more privacy.

One of his proposed changes is to provide more “short-lived” ways to share content, including disappearing messages.

The company also hopes to integrate its messaging platform to make WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger interoperable.

Competitor messaging app Snapchat was built on the principle of disappearing messages, and it provided inspiration for many of Facebook’s features.