In recent times the wireless router Wi-Fi network has gained a lot of popularity, a lot of people use them some at home others in their offices, one of the basic and most thrilling features of the router is it ability to allow multiple devices to be connected to a single network.

For those who don’t know what router is; a router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks.

Most times people who owns router allow visitors, business clients (office), friends and family members to connect and use their routers.

But while this might sound as a good gesture, you should be aware that allowing people to access and use your wireless Wi-Fi router poses huge security risks and possible misuse of internet data.

Let say someone is is connected to your router while surfing the internet downloads some malware, there is every possibility that your device and every other connected devices will also be affected by that malware.

That is why in article I am of the opinion that you should set up a guest network on your router. Briefly I would be explaining to you what a guest network on router is and how to activate it.


A Guest Network is a security feature for a wireless router which allows routers owners to set up a separate network (on the same router) for visitors and other devices.

With Guest network, you can give visitors access to your Internet connection without sharing your Wi-Fi password and also limit what they can access on the internet through your router.

Also, devices on the main network stay protected from whatever threat or malicious activity present on the guest network.

Also interestingly, when you set up a guest network, it’ll have its own SSID (network name) and password which will be totally different from the login credentials of the primary local network.


Having explain what a guest network is and highlited some of the reasons why you should consider setting up a guest network on your router, I would be showing you how to set a guest network on router.

To set a guest network on router follow the simple steps below :

Make sure to check the manual of your router to make sure it has guest network feature, even though most of them have it both new and old.

  • Log on to the administrator’s interface or web management panel of your router and activate the guest network feature.
  • You will see ‘Guest network’ ‘Guest Zone’ or ‘Guest Access’ depending on the router type. Also, Some router devices have a guest network option disabled by default; you’ll need to toggle the  ‘on/off’ option to control it. If you are unable to find it, you will need to check your router manual or visit your manufacturer’s website for better info.
  • Set up the Guest network name and password you want a visitor to see on their devices.
  • Go ahead and configure other settings like the SSID Broadcast on/off which allows their network name(s) to be found on devices scanning for nearby Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enable other security options like allowing or restricting the guest network’s access to either the Internet or just local home network resources (file shares).
  • Set up the maximum number of guests allowed on the network.

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