Windows 10


As early as 2019, the Windows 10X platform was announced as a modular and lightweight version of the Windows 10 operating system. Since the announcement, Microsoft has stated that the operating system will also support Win32 applications, although reports indicate that this may not be the case with the first version of the new operating system.

Now, a new leaked version of Windows 10X shows that the new operating system can still be launched using Win32 application development tools.

According to a report from WindowsPhoneInfo, the latest version of Windows 10X has a new developer setting that will allow users to load “unsigned applications”, including desktop applications. By looking at the screenshot of this new setting, Microsoft apparently also built a dedicated settings page for this feature.

Setting options will display pages about container technology, and only developers can switch, including testing of Win32 applications. Currently, this function does not work, but it may only be caused by a leaked OS version. Follow the instructions of the setting, “Enabling this setting will allow unassigned applications to run.

Allowing all applications to run on your device may damage your device or data.” Remember, just enabling this setting will not allow users Install and run regular desktop (.exe) applications on Windows 10X, and Windows 10X is expected to be released later this year.

Windows 10x

However, this does mean that Microsoft plans to add Win32 application support at some point in the future. This means that developers will soon be able to test their applications on a lightweight operating system soon.

However, until then, most people may have to run UEP apps in the Microsoft Store and Progressive Web Apps. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates of the upcoming Windows 10X OS.