Xiaomi Water Dispenser


A large part of the world’s population lives alone, so the demand for pets is also growing. In fact, kittens and puppies have become companions for many young people.

Xiaomi has just launched a product that pet owners will find useful. The product is called Homerun pet water dispenser and is currently available for pre-order on Xiaomi Youpin for 199 yuan (~$30). The actual retail price is 299 yuan (~$45).

Water Dispenser

The product is equipped with Homerun’s core patented wireless water pump technology, which is safe and easy to disassemble and clean.

This ensures that there is no need to worry about the disassembly and cleaning of ordinary water dispensers. Through the use of magnetic induction wireless power supply and mobile phone wireless charging technology, the pet water dispenser truly realizes the separation of water and electricity.

Water Dispenser

Through the internal and external triple physical separation, the known security level is increased by 100%.

In addition, in response to the noise problem of ordinary pet drinking fountains, Homerun meticulously designed 20 seamless silent water channels, reducing the working decibel to 38dB.

Therefore, the quiet operation will not affect the normal life of the owner. It is worth mentioning that the bucket and outer bucket of the Homerun pet water dispenser are designed separately.

The inner wall of the bucket is smooth and cornerless and easy to clean.

An integrated water level sensor is installed inside the machine to more accurately monitor the water level. When the water level is below the safe water level, the water pump will stop working to prevent the water pump from burning due to overheating.