Xiaomi Mijia cooker


Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA dual-port induction cooker based on fund raising. The induction cooker is now supported on Mi.com, Xiaomi’s online store. During the crowdfunding process, its retail price was 899 yuan (~$137), but it will be sold for 999 yuan (~$152) after the campaign.

MIJIA dual-port induction cooker has independent temperature control on both sides. It also has a high firepower of 2200W and a precise firepower control of level 100. The induction cooker is also equipped with a 63 cm large baking pan.

In terms of design, the new MIJIA dual-port induction cooker continues the minimalist design known for the Xiaomi/MIJIA brand. There are two knobs on the side to control the temperature separately. In addition, there are four touch buttons for timing and turning off the induction cooker.

Xiaomi Mijia cooker

What makes this product stand out is that it can perform various functions at the same time, such as frying and stewing, and supports frying, roasting and stewing. In addition, Mijia dual-port induction cooker supports low-power continuous heating.

The cooker uses a large-size microcrystalline panel, supports IH electromagnetic heating, and is used in conjunction with double-sided independent temperature control technology to realize hot pot and barbecue grill at the same time.

In other respects, Mijia dual-port induction cooker also has an external temperature sensor, which can realize accurate temperature measurement and automatic adjustment of firepower.

It also has a variety of safety protection technologies, which can automatically stop heating when there is nothing on the top. It also has a built-in temperature sensor and an overheating protection system.

The smart induction cooker can be connected to the MIJIA app to provide dual-mode recipes. It also supports the synchronization of Mijia app recipes and custom cooking in cooking mode through the Mijia app.

Xiaomi Mijia cooker

Before launching new products, Xiaomi already had many induction cookers. As early as 3 years ago, Xiaomi launched the MIJIA induction cooker, priced at only 299 yuan, with “low temperature cooking technology”, “dual frequency fire control technology”, “custom cooking mode” and other functions.

The next year, the youth version of Mijia induction cooker came out, priced at 199 yuan. Compared with Mijia induction cooker, Mijia induction cooker Youth Edition is equipped with timer keys, function keys and LED display.

Among other functions, there is only a rotating mask button and one-key control. Last year, MIJIA induction cooker S1 was also launched.