Mijia Smart Camera


Xiaomi is mainly known for making high-end mobile phones, but also produces many other products, including MIJIA brand smart home cameras. The Chinese technology giant has now released the MIJIA Smart Camera AI Explorer Edition. The product will be crowdfunded and launched on the Xiaomi Mall on January 20. Its price is 399 yuan (~$61).

The MIJIA Smart Camera AI Discovery Edition is the successor to the MIJIA Smart Camera launched in 2019. Recall that Xiaomi also released the MIJIA smart camera standard version with a magnetic base that can be connected to metal objects such as refrigerators and other surfaces. magnetic. Among other functions, it also has IP65 dust and water protection.

The new MIJIA Smart Camera AI Exploration Edition is equipped with a 4T algorithm chip with a comprehensively enhanced recognition function. It supports AI pet detection and AI face recognition, and can automatically generate videos.

The smart camera uses a dual-motor rotating and tilting design, with a horizontal viewing angle of 360° and a vertical viewing angle of 118°. The new feature of this model is a 3-megapixel ultra-high-definition camera with a resolution of up to 2304x 1296 pixels.

The camera also has a built-in 940nm infrared fill light. In addition, the product also has a built-in Bluetooth gateway. After connecting to a Bluetooth device, you can remotely view the data of the Bluetooth device on the MIJIA application.