Xiaomi Kettle


Earlier today (November 18, 2020), Xiaomi released a new MIJIA product. It is a Mijia multifunctional smart electric kettle with a price of 169 yuan (approximately US$26) and is currently being crowdfunded for 139 yuan (approximately US$21).

MIJIA’s new product aims to provide a simple and convenient way to make various formulations.

It has 10 different power adjustment settings, which can cover the range between 100W slow slow stewing and 1000W high power heating.

The device has built-in programs and recipes that are optimized to make different foods, such as tea, soup or even desert food, and other customer recipes.

Its design is extremely simple, similar to an ordinary electric kettle, and most of its main body surface is also transparent.

In addition, the Mijia multifunctional smart electric kettle also provides a heat preservation control function, allowing users to keep the temperature at any temperature between 45 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius to keep warm, even up to 12 hours of heat.

Since it is a smart product, it can be remotely controlled with a smartphone through the MIJIA mobile application.

This allows the user to set a timer or control the temperature in real time. Therefore, for those who are interested, you can support the device through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding.