Xiaomi Human Sensor


Xiaomi continues to launch new products in its domestic market, and today launched its new device-Mi Human Sensor2. Although the retail price of the product is set at 59 yuan (~$9), the current price is 49 yuan (~$7), through a crowdfunding campaign that will start on December 2.

The new Mi Human Sensor 2 can be placed anywhere-rooms, corridors, etc. It can track the user’s movement and trigger actions set by the user. The device can be connected to other smart home devices, and operations can be set on the Mijia App.

Xiaomi claims that no matter what sunlight it faces, it can intelligently track movement-it can face bright sunlight or be placed in the dark.

It also provides information about lighting links and safety in different situations. Since it can be connected with other smart home devices, it has a wide range of use cases.

For example, the user can set it to turn it on when motion is sensed at night. It can be configured to record a video via a smart camera during the break-in and push the video to the Mijia App.

The Xiaomi Human Sensor 2 uses low-power technology and is equipped with a standard CR2450 battery, which the company claims can last about one year. When the battery power is low, it will alert the user.

After connecting with Mijia App, users can check battery status, Bluetooth signal strength, product logs, etc.