Mijia Smart Cooker


Xiaomi has launched MIJIA smart pressure cooker 2.5L through crowdfunding. This smart cooker solves the safety problems of traditional pressure cookers, which do not allow users to keep track of the cooking status or internal water level at any time. The new MIJIA pressure cooker has 8 safety protection devices and is also equipped with smart functions.

It can cook through one-click smart recipes activated by the MIJIA app, thus solving the problem of how to cook certain dishes for people without cooking experience. Therefore, the product is easy to use.

The MIJIA smart pressure cooker has a relatively rare 2.5-liter capacity, enough to cook eight bowls of rice or meat dishes for three people. Therefore, it is suitable for single person or small family use.

The biggest difference between pressure cookers and electric rice cookers is pressure. MIJIA smart pressure cooker 2.5L has a peak pressure of 70kPa, which can increase the boiling point of water to 115°C.

Mijia Cooker

Under the action of high temperature and pressure, the food in the pot is soft and easy to cook, which can greatly increase the cooking speed.

An ordinary rice cooker can cook rice in 40 minutes, and a pressure cooker can cook the same amount of rice in 21 minutes. In addition, ordinary rice cookers need 4 hours to cook beef lo, but pressure cookers can cook up to 50 minutes.

In addition, ordinary rice cookers need 3 hours to cook pork feet, while pressure cookers can cook it in 1 hour.

Like most MIJIA products, Mijia Smart Pressure Cooker 2.5L can also be connected to the Mijia app, supporting operations such as mobile phone remote start and appointment.

At the same time, it also supports the expansion of cloud smart formulas. The recipe contains detailed ingredients and operating steps. Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you can prepare ingredients step by step according to the recipe, and then press a button to automatically start cooking, thus easily preparing hard dishes.

The electric pressure cooker also has an open lid cooking mode. Remove the lid and turn the pressure cooker into a small hot pot that can be used to prepare dishes such as oden, skewers or noodles.

MIJIA Smart Electric Pressure Cooker is currently crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall/Xiaomi Home, and its crowdfunding price is only 279 yuan ($42).

Source: MyDrivers