Lumi High Sensor

Earlier today (November 11, 2020), Lumi launched a new Aqara high-precision human sensor. The price of the device is 299 yuan, and the brand is part of Xiaomi’s ecological chain.

Lumi is known for manufacturing sensors and joined the Xiaomi ecosystem in 2015. Its Aqara series products are very popular in areas where sensors are widely used, while the latest products provide high-precision sensors that can capture people and their movements. animal.

The sensor can also draw maps with high precision, and can even capture the slight movements of a person’s palm.

To briefly describe the new Aqara system, it is essentially a device that contains multiple sensors that can act as a single high-precision sensor. In addition, the product can run with devices with Zigbee 3.0 gateway function.

Using the attached sleeve attachment, the sensor can be installed in a variety of spaces, including ceilings (such as downlights) or walls.

The main body of the Lumi Aqara Human sensor has IPX5 waterproof rating standard, which can prevent accidental damage due to overflow.

This also allows it to be installed in areas with high moisture content. Another noteworthy aspect of the new device is that the sensor is designed with ultra-low power consumption and can run for up to 6 years in standby mode.

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