YouTube deleted new videos uploaded to the account of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump, which violated the company’s content policy on incitement to violence.

According to the standard agreement, the account has also issued a “warning”, and users (President Trump or any assistant who has access to the account) will not be able to upload new content for at least one week.

At this time, it is not yet possible to determine the exact video that YouTube took action on the account or the content deemed offensive. YouTube has not yet provided a clear statement on this incident, and declined to provide specific details of this matter.

A YouTube statement disclosed the actions taken against Trump’s account. The statement emphasized that this decision was made after a careful review of recent violence.

In order for the company to prevent itself from being a means of spreading violence, it must Delete upload to Donald J. Trump channel. They also issued a warning to the account for violating YouTube’s policy of inciting violence.

The statement further stated that the channel has now been banned from uploading new videos or live streaming within seven days.

YouTube has further removed content from the official White House channel. Since then, two videos related to the president on the official YouTube page of the White House have been deleted.

In addition, due to President Trump’s “continuous attention to violence”, comments on Trump’s video have been suspended indefinitely. It claimed that this move was in line with YouTube’s existing violence policy and found it in the comments section “There are security risks” channel. “The second strike will result in a suspension of at least two weeks, while the third strike will result in a permanent ban on the account.

Earlier, YouTube deleted a videotape of Trump in which he talked about the mob who attacked the Capitol and contained widespread false statements about the election results.

In response to the unprecedented attack by the outgoing president, YouTube last month formulated a new policy banning any form of content, aimed at spreading information about 2020 by promoting false theories about fraudulent votes or other unproven claims and Misinformation about the results of the US presidential election.

YouTube has now joined several other organizations that took firm action against President Trump after the Capitol building was attacked because he ended his four-year turbulent president, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.