For about ten years, it is known that YouTube will release a special video called Rewind at the end of the year, which contains creators from the platform and popular clips and trends that year. For those who are looking forward to this year’s version, YouTube said it will not happen.

YouTube’s official account issued a statement announcing that “2020 is different from the past” and that “it feels like it’s not going to proceed incorrectly like that”, so they will take a break and will not play the rewind video this year.

The first rewind video was released in 2010, and each version attracted millions of views, compared with 239 million views in 2016. However, these videos have been criticized for several years, and the 2018 version is the most popular video on YouTube, with 18 million disliked.

The news of this year’s rewind not happening has been received positively by some people, while others are sad about it. In addition, YouTube did not make it clear whether they will participate in the competition next year, and some people speculate that the rewind may be cancelled permanently.

Nevertheless, we hope that some creators can produce their own works before the end of the year to highlight important events and trends.