The YouTube mobile app is getting a few updates meant to make the viewing experience better. The new version brings minor tweaks to the UI and adds new functionalities like new gesture controls, suggested actions, new playback controls and more.

The first notable change you’ll notice is the new gesture. YouTube is adding a new gesture for entering or exiting full-screen mode. Using the new gestures, you can enter full-screen mode while watching a video by a simple swipe up. To exit full-screen mode, swipe down.

The timestamp can also be adjusted to your liking. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to see how much time is counting down or how much has elapsed.

Another change is in the player page. Captions have been moved from the usual location in the options menu to a more prominent place – directly on the video player, which makes the captions easily accessible than previously.

The autoplay toggle has moved as well from the bottom of the video, channel, and comment section to the top bar next to the casting and the moved captions buttons. Some small tweaks have been done on this page including re-arranged buttons.

YouTube is also rolling out suggested actions that’ll urge you to rotate the screen or play in VR if it thinks you’ll have a better viewing experience that way.

And after introducing chapters YouTube’s mobile app now includes a list view of all chapters in a video each with a preview thumbnail. These chapter list view can be accessed by tapping or clicking the chapter title in the player