Having established a solid control and significant share in the software market through it video conferencing tool Zoom is now expanding to the hardware market. The company has just launched a new 27-inch touchscreen device aimed at helping remote workers in partnership with DTEN. The device is called Zoom For Home — DTEN ME.

With improved features itt hopes to replace your laptop, which, for no doubt, has a not-so good webcam, with a more versatile camera and several microphones with a capability to minimize some background noise.

Zoom’s 27-inch video hardware has three wide-point cameras and eight noise lessening amplifiers built in.

To make it customized, it comes pre-introduced with Zoom, worked in an exceptional method to get to the stage’s top highlights. It sure doesn’t need to supplant your PC or cell phone, yet is focused on telecommute laborers who simply need a committed gadget for video conferencing that is all set with negligible object.

Zoom intends to launch two additional gadgets with new accomplices. It additionally appears the organization intends to keep propelling such gadgets in the future . Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Rooms, revealed to TechCrunch that the organization could include more accomplices later on.

Until further notice, there’s just a single gadget, the Zoom For Home — DTEN ME which will cost $599 at dispatch. It will go on special in August.